• Downtown Madison Window Decorating Competition

The holiday season is finally here, and Shine on Madison is helping downtown celebrate in style! On November 17th at 6:08PM, during the Madison Night Market’s first Winter Market, many downtown businesses flipped a switch and celebrated with beautiful holiday-themed window displays. Not only are they on display for everyone to enjoy, it’s also possible to show your support for your favorite display by voting from now to December 18th.

For those interested in viewing the lights, Shine on Madison has put together a Google Map with all of the official locations. Many other businesses on the Capitol Square and State Street are also showing their Christmas cheer (stop by and check out the lights at Park Bank in the 33 East Main Building and in the lobby of the US Bank Plaza!).

Click here to view the Downtown Madison Window Decorating Competition Ballot and vote for your favorite. You can only vote once, and for one display, so pick your favorite carefully! Each participating business has donated a prize valued at $25 or more, and by voting, you are entered into a raffle for one of the great prizes!

Learn more in this great informative video from Downtown Madison - "Hear about our Downtown Window Decorating Competition!"