Block 89 buildings are connected and integrated through an internal “service core” which connects the lobbies of all of the buildings and is specifically designed to accommodate deliveries and service access for tenants. A service dock on MLK Blvd. will accept full-sized, 18-wheel semi-trucks. A second service dock on Pinckney Street is smaller and not suitable for semis but large enough for most other trucks. Because the larger MLK dock is used more frequently, please arrange to use the Pinckney St. dock when delivery vehicles are unloading for an extended period. There are freight elevators for each building, which are directly accessible from the service core and loading docks.

All deliveries must use the service core and freight elevators. No deliveries may go through the main building lobbies or the passenger elevators. It is each tenant’s responsibility to inform its delivery service providers of these rules. In the event that a service elevator is unavailable for use (because of maintenance or service), tenants must make special arrangements with ULI.

The service core allows tenants to move from building to building without exiting the complex and provides access to Park Bank, Johnson Bank, Bel Air Cantina, DLUX and Marigold Kitchen without going outdoors. The entrance to each building in Block 89 from the service core is prominently signed and self-directional maps are posted in several locations.

If you or any of your delivery services would like a tour to familiarize yourself with the service core and its facilities, ULI’s staff would be delighted to arrange one at your convenience. Call the ULI office to schedule a tour.