General Information

ULI has incorporated a variety of balconies and terraces as well as a large central courtyard into the Block 89 design. While many of the balconies and terraces are designed for private use, accessible only through a private tenant suite, there are two large outdoor areas - a landscaped courtyard and a rooftop terrace for all Block 89 tenants to enjoy.

The landscaped courtyard is located in the center of the block and offers beautiful landscaping as well as tables and chairs. To access the courtyard, take the 10 East Doty elevators to the third floor or the 33 East Main elevators to the 2nd floor, and follow the corridor to the courtyard. Ramp access is provided via the 33 East Main entrance.

The rooftop terrace is located at the fourth floor level of the One East Main and 33 East Main buildings. This stunning outdoor space directly overlooks the WI State Capitol building and the Capitol Square. The terrace is landscaped and is set up with tables and chairs, but also offers space for large events with rental furniture, caterers and more. To get to this rooftop terrace, take either the One East Main or 33 East Main elevators to the fourth floor, where ramp access is provided. 

Both the Courtyard and Rooftop Terrace are available for all Block 89 tenants to enjoy during standard business hours (7AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday), except when reserved for a private event. Tenants are encouraged to utilize this one-of-a-kind outdoor space for casual meetings, lunch breaks, or even just a bit of fresh air. The furniture provided offers both seating for groups up to eight or individual Adirondack chairs, which make the space useful for everyone.

Additionally, tenants may reserve both the courtyard and roof terrace for private company-sponsored events or functions. To make a reservation at either location, please call the ULI office at (608)251-0706 or email Reservations are subject to availability and will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. All events are subject to occupancy limits. A complete list of terrace rules and more information about reservations can be found in the following section.

We hope that you enjoy the rooftop courtyard and terrace. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.