• ULI 25 West Main Redevelopment Construction
  • ULI 25 West Main Construction Equipment in Future Parking Ramp
  • ULI 25 West Main Redevelopment Parking Ramp Demolition
  • ULI 25 West Main Redevelopment Anchor Bank Building

The Anchor Bank redevelopment project is about to move into its seventh month of construction, and changes are happening quickly.

The preparation for the underground parking ramp is beginning to come to a close, with only 10 feet of dirt left to be removed. Last month, the depth of the hole became too great, and dump trucks were no longer able to drive down into it to remove dirt. As a result, the ramp was removed, and a 45’ extended reach backhoe was brought in to reach down and remove dirt from street-level. Next week will see the 45’ extended reach backhoe swapped out for one with a 75’ reach as the depth continues to grow. Once the hole for the parking ramp is at its final depth, construction crews will begin to pour the concrete base, walls and pillars. Mockups of the concrete slab and columns have been poured on the roof the Anchor Bank building in order to finalize the plans that will need to be followed in coming weeks.

The existing Anchor Bank building has also undergone dramatic changes the past couple of weeks. The concrete façade that had lined the windows has been removed, giving a hint of what the glass-walled building will look like in the months to come. Findorff has also been making great progress on the building interior with demolition underway and the removal of two elevators, all while accommodating the tenants still working in the building.

The coming weeks will see the installation of two tower cranes which will allow work to continue on the building as well as the ramp. Visit the Urban Land Interests Facebook Page for more pictures and construction updates.