Urban Land Interests strives to provide apartments that are much more than just a place to live - they’re a home.

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Urban Land Interests strives to provide apartments that are much more than just a place to live - they’re a home. All of our apartment buildings are located in downtown Madison, within walking distance of the State Capitol, State Street and everything the Isthmus has to offer. They provide a wide range of amenities and highly efficient floorplans that allow for the maximum amount of space and usability in each unit. All apartments are impeccably designed, have stylish finishes, and are blank canvases, waiting to be decorated. The Isthmus published a great article about making your apartment all your own. Here are a few great takeaways:

1)Multi-functional furniture: Find furniture that can function in multiple ways

Investing in great pieces that can fill a variety of needs is a great way to make your apartment both stylish and functional. Futons create extra space for visitors, rolling bar carts offer storage and flexibility in the arrangement of your living space / kitchen and bookshelves can easily double as TV stands or side-tables.

2)Organizers and Storage Systems: The best way to maximize storage space throughout the apartment.

Storage systems can be purchased for any room in the house and can often store any item imaginable. To maximize typically unused space, look for under the bed, high shelf and in-drawer storage options.

3)Stylish Décor: The key to opening up a space is light.

Choosing the right décor can do wonders to personalize your space and make it seem even larger. Try to add mirrors that reflect light or lamps to brighten darker corners. Additionally, the Isthmus suggests that choosing “more delicate decorations can create a big difference in feel”.

4)Go Green: Add plants.

Adding plant life to your apartment or patio can liven up a room and give it a touch of warmth. Try to select the correct plant for your apartment and lifestyle – succulents are a great option for those who travel or don’t get an abundance of direct sunlight. To learn more about finding the right plant for your apartment, check out this great article.

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